Methods and Tool for Digital Nomads

The best apps for work and tools to make it fun

Sell Your Services Online AND Make An Income

It’s a no-brainer. You’ve got some skills and qualities that you could charge money for. Why not figure out and learn how to promote your services online, have people pay you, and then you can live happily ever after?

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How to become a Shopify Expert and built passive income

What sucks the most with your current job or freelance career? Is it the lack of well paying clients, little to no passive income, or just the work in general? Or maybe, you’re doing just fine but would like a change. In this article I’ll tell you why becoming a Shopify Expert is so popular and lucrative.

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How to Write a Book through Self Publishing and Accelerate your Career

More than once, I’ve read a powerful story in a book from an author who is not really well known. That’s never mattered to me because the story in the book left a huge impression. The story quite possibly changed my life. Here’s how to write a book through self-publishing, accelerate your career and impact people’ life.

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How to find a mentor and Why the hell You Need One

If you feel like life is nothing but a goddamn struggle, you may be right about that. But the “struggle” often comes from not aligning yourself with your truth. So what is your truth? That’s something that someone outside your head can help clarify. Here’s how to find a mentor.

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Finding your passion & purpose in life by hacking your mind

Are you happy with your life? Do you spend every day doing things that are connected to your truth, skills, and passion? Those are difficult questions to answer. But if you find yourself far from where you want to be, there are methods to align you more closely with your values, passion & purpose in life.

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THE best email service for bloggers (finally)

After giving up on school and a regular job, one of the most important tools we have to set up when beginning our journey to earning our own money is to start collecting e-mail addresses. I was a fucking idiot, years ago, when I didn’t do this.

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How to get paid and withdraw money as a Freelancer

Sometimes I get asked by people who are starting to build the freedom of working solo. Creating their own salary and maybe some passive income. They ask “How do I get paid and withdraw my money?” So I wanted to share a short tip on how to get paid and withdraw money from your income.

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