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How to measure the Schumann Resonanse

Spirituality - By John Mac

Are you a sensitive person? Maybe an empath as it’s been so often called the last years. Or maybe not, but you experience changes in your life, maybe even emotionally. But you don’t know why and you feel unbalanced. Well, we ARE into a great change on the planet. And a lot of the energy shifts are, in fact, being measured. In this post I’ll share three sources you can keep track of.

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How to set goals

How to set goals -and a 3 step plan to get there

A few days ago I had an hour and a half long Skype call with a friend of mine in Indonesia. Kind of a mentorship/friendship. We discovered one important issue, she had no clearly defined goals. So here's a simple 3 step process for you.


3 important advantages of working in a coffeeshop

You know, it’s not uncommon for me to get a question every now and then, how do I really find peace to work at a coffeeshop and at the same time stay concentrated? It's not a problem for me, because I’m focused on my tasks and to-do’s. In this post I will give you some … Continue reading "7 Benefits of Moving to Another Country to Start Over"


Meditation for beginners

Meditation for beginners and the ONE rule for positive effect

In doing meditation for beginners, there is ONE simple rule I want to repeat for having the positive effect you’re looking for. Live by this, and you meditation will start to change you.

Why am I changing

Life Lessons: Why am I changing? The motion effect of the Matrix

Life Lessons: Why am I changing? For humans like you and me who outgrow societies lower norms and envision a higher standard to live our lives and dreams, we get the most of the roughness of change!

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Are you truly ready for a mentor in your life?

Are you actually ready for a mentor in your life?

If you want to make progress in your life, then you've probably thought about finding someone to help you. How do you know if you are ready for a mentor?

How to find your true self

How to find your true self when your life force feels drained

Walking through life playing your cards close to your chest is no way to live. Learn how to channel your true self and get back your life force.

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