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Living in Thailand

Healthy Habits - By John Mac

When something in you changes so much that it’s hard to get along with friends and family, there’s a mismatch in frequencies. My girl and I have experienced that. We just came home from 6 months in Thailand. Norway is safe, nice, and a rich-bitch country. But it’s not the best. For us. Now we practice simple living.

Online Business

How to earn passive income by becoming a Shopify Partner

How to become a Shopify Expert and built passive income

What sucks the most with your current job or freelance career? Is it the lack of well paying clients, little to no passive income, or just the work in general? Or maybe, you’re doing just fine but would like a change. In this article I’ll tell you why becoming a Shopify Expert is so popular and lucrative.

how to write a book

How to Write a Book through Self Publishing and Accelerate your Career

More than once, I’ve read a powerful story in a book from an author who is not really well known. That’s never mattered to me because the story in the book left a huge impression. The story quite possibly changed my life. Here's how to write a book through self-publishing, accelerate your career and impact people' life.


3 examples of past life memories & how they connect to the present

3 examples of past life memories & how they connect to the present

Do you believe that each of us has a past life? Here are three examples of past life memories and how they connect to our current reality.

Why your past life matters in your current reality

Why your past life matters in your current reality

Our past life often affects our current reality, whether we know it or not. In this post, learn how to understand this connection and what to do about it.

Healthy Habits

How to make a reality shift

How To Make a Reality Shift to Accelerate Personal and Business Growth

What is a reality shift, really. On a metaphysical level, it’s about changing your vibration until you see your surroundings change. That’s what I experienced, and it’s something that you could also benefit from immensely. I will share a few tips on how to make a reality shift if you have a vision of a more grandiose life in the future.

How to get Unstuck in Life by trusting Yourself

How To Get Unstuck in Life By Trusting Yourself and Allow Positive Change

What if you one day have to relocate to a different part of the world but feel insecure? It could be exactly what you need for you to become more of who you are. How to get unstuck in life by trusting yourself, the Universe, and allow change to happen? Well, I was, more or less, forced to move from Norway to Thailand, and now my girlfriend and I are living better than ever.

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