I never liked school. Not just because the environment was shitty and not suited for learning. But because of a troublesome childhood. There was not much inner peace to be in a classroom setting. I barely finished middle school.

I later had three long-term jobs but found them too limiting. For the last years, I have been more than full time at work creating my own business and income. And by becoming a Web Designer and later a Shopify Expert and Partner, I got the freedom I wanted.

Part of my self-education is also seventeen years of Martial Arts, building my character and inner strength through Taekwon-Do. With 15 years as being a trainer.

Now I teach and help those not fitting into the “system” how to expand their bright minds, become independent, and create their own success.

I’m constructing and manifesting my reality from the knowledge deep within. Elegantly¬†excluding myself from societies crap, limiting norms, and useless regulations.

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