John Mac - Mentor and coach

Are you feeling

stuck at your job?

Do you feel limited in life overall?

Do you ever feel like...

you don't even belong?

There's only 4 questions you need to answer to make all this go away and make all mornings brilliant again.

What Tribe Members and Clients Are Saying

Nives Kurjak - Podcast Editor

To me, John is someone who is a mentor, brother, teacher, and friend all at the same time. He pushes you out of your comfort zone gently and wisely. I always tried to set plans and goals by myself but with no execution in sight. However, with Johnny, I actually manage to accomplish the plan that we set out together. It’s was a powerful experience.

Nives Kurjak

Podcast Editor & Sound Consultant

Sebastian Weiss

“John was super sharp in isolating what my skills were and how I could turn these into a business/gig for myself. He helped me get clarity on the things I really liked doing and sparked the ideas for possible ways to turn this into MY LIFESTYLE”.

Sebastian Weiss

Life Explorer (Currently)

Silje Pedersen

After the 7 steps and my mentor meetings with John, I always get recharged with a lot of positive energy! He is a wonderful and honest person, and he has given me the last nudge I needed to make a shift to start my own business that’s connected to my passion and to teach me the right tools and systems to use in my work.

Silje Pedersen

Startup Entrepreneur

What if Elon Musk or Nikola Tesla recognized themselves in you and said, "You are different than the others"...?

And what if you (like them) are not a good fit for the typical everyday life of mundane jobs and bad education? But you still have a brilliant mind and dream for your future...

If your view of reality and life on Earth rise above the normal, it can be hard to fit into the daily grind of work, education, and societies weird structures in general.

So what can YOU DO to maintain a mindful lifestyle, become healthy and confident, and earn a living in a more enlightened way?

I'm John Mac

Your Most Important Life Areas

Not everyone fits in with the mundane and limited norms of society. So what are your options to obtain a healthy, meaningful, and happy life?. Transition into a parallel reality where you are in control.

Peaceful warriors tribe

Your Mind & Spirit Body

Everything starts with a thought. Your mind is influenced by past experiences and a framework based on beliefs. Your spirituality influences life decisions. What past life experiences influence your life right now?

Healthy life habits

Powerful Life Habits & Routines

Your daily habits and routines are what makes your future. There are simple and powerful daily habits to strengthen both body and mind to stay strong, independent, and empowered for the future. You decide what you become. Not the society.

How to work from home in an online business

Self-Made Income in Work You Love

Becoming more awake and aware about this world, our reality, and the system we live in makes it hard to live by the norms. Meaningless work and bad education is not for you. Instead, start and grow your own income doing work you love.

Check out the Tribe

The Tribe is a place where you finally connect with bright minds. You will meet self-aware individuals with goals such as independence, personal growth, and a self-made income.

See if the Tribe is for you

Connecting with Spiritual Self
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